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Plot: A notorious trauma bay in an inner-city E.R. earns its keep as the 'hurt locker of medicine' as new, idealistic and adrenaline-seeking doctors train in an environment akin to a war zone. ...
Year: 2013
Genre: Documentary, Drama
Released: 20 Jun 2014
Runtime: 78 min
Awards: 3 wins.
BoxOffice: $150,290.00
Production: Long Shot Factory

Code Black Ratings :

IMDB Rating: Watch Code Black Full Movie Online Free 7.2/10 (434 votes)
Metascore: 77 from
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 92%

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Code Black Person Involved :

Actors: Danny Cheng, Andrew Eads, Jamie Eng, Luis Enriquez
Director: Ryan McGarry
Writer: Joshua Altman, Ryan McGarry

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Official Website: Official Website
IMDb Link: IMDb Websites
Rotten Tomatoes Link: Rotten Tomatoes Websites

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